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The Witzenberg Justice Coalition and OpenUp collaborated for the Codebridge Youth data literacy project, where youth were trained to collect data to make informed decisions. The project focused on service delivery in Witzenberg, and the youth created surveys on water, electricity, and health


June 17, 2022
Jun 18, 2022


9AM - 3PM


Village Guest House & Restaurant
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In June 2022, OpenUp through the Codebridge Youth Program, hosted a two days workshop

in Witzenberg municipality. Codebridge Youth Project is focused on developing youth in

areas to have the necessary skills and knowledge to engage on issues affecting them. A pre

and post-workshop survey were conducted to assess the level of understanding of municipal

processes, reports, and civic tech tools. This report summarises the information obtained

from the two surveys, and the key findings and makes recommendations.

About Witzenberg municipality and workshop participants

Witzenberg municipality is located in the Western Cape province in South Africa. The map

below shows the size of the Witzenberg municipality compared to the surrounding Cape

winelands municipalities.

Openup aimed to have a total of 30 youth participating in the capacity-building workshop,

with at least 3 to 5 representatives from each town in the municipality. The Codebridge youth

workshop was hosted in central location in Ceres and was attended by fourteen participants

from the surrounding towns of Wolseley, Bella Vista, Nduli, Prince Alfred hamlet, Ceres

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