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Western Cape

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Work with other youth to make your voice heard on issues that matter
Engage effectively with government to make things happen
Work with others and become a leader in your community
Be part of a Youth Hub that can keep your municipality accountable

Community Leaders

Community Champion

Luzeth Smith

Youth council Members

Chantelle Mouries

Miran Atson

Leonardo Visagie

Jose Abrahams

Shadé Williams

Lurenzo Hendricks

Amelia Lewis

Llovellyn Matthews

Whitney Jones

Garai Mushonga

News from this community

Cape Agulhas

Remembering Llovellyn Matthews

A tribute to Llovellyn Matthews, Codebridge Youth hub champion and Cape Agulhas Youth Council chairperson (07/11/1996 - 14/11/2020).

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Cape Agulhas

Data Literacy & Public Participation Workshop

September 16, 2022

Past events

Cape Agulhas

CAM Youth Summit

March 13, 2021
All Communities

Democracy in Practice Youth Webinar

November 11, 2020
Cape Agulhas

Call for Comment on your Municipality’s Draft Planning (IDP), Budget & Implementation (SDBIP) Documents

April 26, 2020