22-23 MARCH 2019 | Bredasdorp


An event that brought together the youth of Cape Agulhas and provided them a platform for affecting policy change in their municipality

The Codebridge Youth Programme, implemented by OpenUp, aims to strengthen the capacity of local governments, civic organisations and Youth across the nine provinces, in order to contribute to sustainable and enhanced public participation and engagement, through civic technology, drafting and revision of Youth policies and empowerment guides. The Cape Agulhas Municipality is the first municipality to partner with OpenUp in hosting an OpenSpace Youth Summit.

During the weekend of 22 - 23 March 2019, Cape Agulhas Municipality and OpenUp succeeded in getting 195 attendees on day 1 and 175 attendees on day 2 across the seven towns of  Cape Agulhas Municipality (Bredasdorp, Elim, Arniston, Napier, Struisbaai, Protem and Klipdale) together at the Glas Kasteel in Bredasdorp, to solicit input about what really matters to Youth in order to review the existing Youth Policy.



TOTAL attendees







Organising team

Luzeth Smith
Human Development and Facilities Manager, CAM

Gurswin Prins
Head of Communications, CAM

Chantal Booyse
Stakeholder Engagement Strategist, OpenUp

Damian Pool
Social Media Manager and Photographer, OpenUp

Valerie Morris
Facilitator, Rennaisance Business Associates

It is really good to work with a team who is willing to walk the extra mile for the community.
— Luzeth Smith - Human Development & Facilities Manager, CAM
It was really awesome and so well organised - a perfect mix of topics, youngsters and social gathering, bravo!
— Abraham Newman, IEC

Event outcomes

We asked the youth to make their voices heard. Here’s what they achieved!



the identification of pressing youth issues

Our Openspace approach is designed to help provide an accessible platform for all attendees. The youth were able to highlight and prioritise the most pressing issues in their communities.


Key issues identified by the youth:

  • Crime

  • Drug abuse

  • Child abuse

  • Poor child care

  • Youth pregnancy

  • Youth employment

  • Insufficient activities for the youth


Suggested community improvements:

  • Art & drama center

  • Music school & recording studio

  • Access to free wifi



The Youth Council plays a crucial role in ensuring that the lived realities of Cape Agulhas’ young people are heard and represented when new budgets and legislation are being considered.

At the event, attendees came together to nominate and vote on the new Council. We are proud to announce the 2019 CAM Youth Council (pictured alongside).


Youth Council Members

Chairperson: Ludumo Diniso

Vice Chairperson: Shade Williams

Secretary: Amelia Lewis

Treasurer: Whitney Jones

Lurenzo Hendricks

Llovellyn Mathews

Brenden Bentley

Refilwe Ntsapo

Sonto Ngcongo

Shanika Mahala

Tyrese Isaacs

Precious Garai Mushonga


youth survey competition

In order to help us better understand and engage with the youth of Cape Agulhas, we conducted a youth survey competition through social media. Young people were encouraged to complete the survey to stand a chance of winning weekly data prizes of up to 5GB. The youth responded amazingly and we were able to gather crucial feedback that will allow us to more effectively understand and engage with the community in future.


Week 1 winners:

1GB - Blessing Hove

250MB - Geraldine Abrahams

250MB - Ivan Davids

Week 2 winners:

1GB - Blessing Hove

250MB - Melani Joumat

250MB - Craig Africa

Week 3 winners:

1GB - Richard Newman

250MB - Diniso Ludumo

250MB - Tsengwa Zimasa

Week 4 winners:

5GB - Cobin-John van Rooyen

5GB - Wendy Kweyama


Creative Tech-innovation competition

We wanted to encourage the youth to start thinking creatively about potential solution to the issues they face in the community. We invited the youth, via social media and through community and school outreach, to get together in groups, identify a problem they faced on a daily basis and develop a creative technology solution to help solve that problem.

The entries were judged by a panel consisting of local government officials and members of the OpenUp team. The winning entry received R1000 for their group and R5000 for the school or local community programme.


Winning Group

Brenden Bentley, Dohrian Pick, Meshe Bentley, Lekishe Abrahams, Simone Pick, Kayla Harker, JP van Beulen, Johnelise De wee & Bianca Moses

Issue Identified

Waste removal and illegal dumping is a persistent issue in Cape Agulhas. There are no easy ways to access information about waste removal or to communicate an issue with the municipality.

Creative Tech Solution

An app that would allow community members to report illegal dumping, uncollected bins and other service delivery issues in their area. The app would also allow for easier communication between the municipality and it's citizens.

Well done on an amazing initiative and thank you for choosing Cape Agulhas.
— Tracey Stone - Strategic Manager, CAM
Thank you for the knowledge gained at the OpenSpace Youth Summit, we are determined to succeed and very excited to implement our project since we won the grand prize!
— Dohrian Pick - Attendee