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Inform, Empower, Activate the Youth Voice

A community of youth who are empowered through data training, capacity building and innovative thinking to see problems as opportunities and actively make a difference in their community.


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Youth Communities

Codebridge News

Rosh Pinah

Rosh Pinah Youth Forum Handover Sessions

The replicability of the Codebridge Youth Method

The Citizen Engagement Programme Working Group

The chip-in approach to improved citizen engagement.


Data Activism in Witzenberg

The health services delivery journey of Witzenberg community continues, but is progress being made?

Cape Agulhas

Remembering Llovellyn Matthews

A tribute to Llovellyn Matthews, Codebridge Youth hub champion and Cape Agulhas Youth Council chairperson (07/11/1996 - 14/11/2020).


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Codebridge Youth?

14 - 35, though in terms of the establishment of Codebridge Youth Forum, this admission age is 16.

Why should I join?

Join a youth community that exists in various towns in South Africa, as well as in Rosh Pinah, Namibia. By joining you will have a good understanding of community development, and play a role in representing the interests of young people in your community. You will also build data and digital skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills and build valuable networks.

What will you be doing once you join Codebridge Youth?

Firstly, you will be yourself! You will be speaking with other youth and finding ways to bring about the change in your community that is most important to you. You will be meeting with organisations, the Municipality, businesses, and other government departments to implement these changes. You will be the face of the youth in your community!

Do I need to have a qualification or a certain kind of experience?

No special qualification or experience needed! All you need is to be keen to play your part in the community, especially youth issues.

Do I need to pay to join?

No, there is no cost to joining a Codebridge community! All are welcome and the only requirement is a passion for your community!

Will I get paid?

No, this is a voluntary process. However, there will be times where you will get assistance with things like data vouchers.

What are Codebridge Community Evenings?

This is a regular online virtual meetup (we are awesome like that!), where all members and other youth get together to discuss everything and anything they think is important that is affecting the youth. Some meetups might also be joined by youths from other Codebridges around South Africa.

How will I know when the Codebridge Youth members meet?

When you join, you can request to join your communities WhatsApp group. Information about these meetings will be sent through that group and on our Facebook page.

Join our community on Facebook

Our communities have active groups on Facebook. This is a great place to get more information!

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