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A cohort of Youth mobilizing local resources and skills to maximize opportunities for development and advocacy

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Supporting Cederberg Municipality to activate citizens, especially the youth to strive for service excellence by participating in municipal engagements, Implementing policy dialogues, unlocking opportunities for economic growth, through data collection and civic technology.


Work with other youth to make your voice heard on issues that matter
Engage effectively with government to make things happen
Work with others and become a leader in your community
Be part of a Youth Hub that can keep your municipality accountable

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Collin Pypers

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Petrozanne Van Wyk

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Yusuf Mouton

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Alderaine Jansen

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Lorraine Strauss

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Democracy in Practice Youth Webinar

November 11, 2020

Exploring the IDP process and the role that Codebridge Youth plays in preparing one to participate

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Call for Comment on your Municipality’s Draft Planning (IDP), Budget & Implementation (SDBIP) Documents

April 26, 2020