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The training program will focus on equipping participants with skills and knowledge in the following areas: active citizenry and public participation, digital literacy, data literacy, and advanced digital literacy. The program aims to empower participants to engage in civic participation and become active citizens while enhancing their digital and data literacy. Through this training, participants will gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will enable them to use technology and data to inform their decision-making processes and engage with their communities.


March 3, 2022


9AM - 3PM


Citrusdal WCG eCentre
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OpenUp hosted a Data and Digital literacy workshop in the town of Citrusdal, in the Cederberg Municipality. The Codebridge Youth Project is a fundamental part of the organisation’s goals of “inform - empower - activate” through this project we aim to enhance the relationship between government and its citizens. 

Adrian Kearns, a project manager at OpenUp, presented some data tools available for understanding the community demographics of Cederberg. Youth were very engaging, interested to know more about their youth demographic, and how they could use the data to engage the decision makers on issues like unemployment, access to learning opportunities after grade 12, and also, why opportunities available to youth are often for the select few, and not inclusive for all young people.

An outcome of the workshop was to draft a letter to the Cederberg Municipality to raise some of these issues, as well as request a meeting to engage transparently and with a clear direction for both parties.

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Key outcomes

  • Drafting of a letter to the Cederberg Municipality raising issues discussed in the workshop.
  • Request for a meeting with the Cederberg Municipality for transparent engagement and clear direction for both parties.

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