Data & Digital Literacy Workshop

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The training will focus on

  1. Active citizenry and public participation
  2. Digital literacy
  3. Data literacy 
  4. Digital literacy(Advanced)


March 5, 2022
Mar 5, 2022




Bella Vista WCG eCentre
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Event Report

In June 2022, OpenUp through the Codebridge Youth Program hosted a two days workshop in Witzenberg municipality. Codebridge Youth Project is focused on developing youth in areas to have the necessary skills and knowledge to engage on issues affecting them. A pre and post workshop survey were conducted to assess the level of understanding of municipal processes, reports, and civic tech tool

The first session of the workshop focused on public participation processes in a municipality. Participants were taken through the municipal processes and how to access the relevant information to make informed decisions in their municipality. The aim of public participation is to increase civic engagement within local government. Before the OpenUp team shared knowledge on public participation, surveys were conducted by participants for the team to assess the level of awareness participants had on municipal processes including public participation. 

Number of attendEes

Key outcomes

  • Participants at Witzenberg municipality are between ages 15-19 and have grade 10-11 education level.
  • Opportunity for OpenUp to conduct basic, intermediate, and advanced workshops based on age and education level.
  • Participants are interested in improving their data skills, having seen the importance of data skills during the workshop.

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