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Youth Summit  “An openspace to the future”

About this event

The Youth Summit was an empowering platform created for young people to address the challenges they face in their community. Over the course of three days, 103 participants gathered at the Rosh Pinah Community Hall to explore key themes that are relevant to them.

The themes that were explored at the Youth Summit were: "I want to connect", "I want to be involved", "I want to create opportunities", "I want to drive change", and "I want to influence decision making." These themes provided a framework for young people to develop solutions that address the challenges they face and create positive change in their community.

Through workshops, interactive discussions, and collaboration, the youth were able to develop actionable solutions to the issues they identified. The summit was an opportunity for young people to showcase their creativity, leadership, and determination to make a difference.

We believe that the Youth Summit was a successful and inspiring event that showcased the power of youth to drive change in their communities. We hope that this event will continue to inspire young people to take action and create positive change in their communities. Stay tuned for more updates on youth initiatives and opportunities to get involved


July 26, 2022
Jul 28, 2022


9AM - 4PM


Community Hall (Town Hall)
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Event Report

Trevali, in partnership with OpenUp, hosted a 3 day youth summit in the rural Namibian mining town of Rosh Pinah as part of its Codebridge Youth Project. Rosh Pinah is a small mining settlement located in southern Namibia near Orange River, close to the border with South Africa. The OpenSpace Youth Summit took place from 26 - 28 July 2022 at the Community Hall in Rosh Pinah, from 14:00 - 17:00 daily.Trevali, OpenUp and National Youth Council engaged with the youth through different sessions and methods. 

Key findings from the summit 

The OpenUp team asked the Rosh Pinah Youth to select three projects that they would like to embark on that will assist them to bring the change they want to see. The youth has put forward the following projects for Trevali to assist with: Computers and access to internet; Social events and Food Garden and sports equipments.

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The Youth has indicated that WhatsApp is their preferred method of communication, followed by facebook  and sms for those that are without smartphones. OpenUp has created two WhatsApp groups for the larger youth group and the Youth Forum. In addition OpenUp has created a facebook page for Rosh Pinah Codebridge youth. 

To formalise the Youth Forum tasks and responsibilities, OpenUp will create the Rosh Pinah website page and include the bios and photos of the elected forum members. 

Key stats of the events

The summit was attended by 103 youth during the three days

Most of the participants were between the ages of 15-19 years

To access the event report click here

Number of attendEes


Key outcomes

  • The youth has put forward the following projects for Trevali to assist with: Computers and access to internet; Social events and Food Garden and sport

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