Stellenbosch Digital Literacy Workshop

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The capacity workshop for youth focuses on Data and Digital literacy, which leads us to the understanding of specific Municipal level data available to citizens. We will focus on municipalmoney.gov.za, elections.sanef.org.za/dashboard/elections-dashboard, and geo.youthexplorer.org.za as a starting point. We will briefly touch on aspects like the IDP, Municipal Budget, and other municipal documents as well. We will also focus on email creation via Gmail as well as google drive and google suite (Docs, Sheets, Forms, basic website) and lastly, we will be showing the participants Pocket Reporter where they can Report on a matter in your community, Generate a story and Publish that story on the CBY FB page


June 13, 2022
Jun 13, 2022


9AM - 4PM


Eikestad Hall
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