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OpenUp and the Initiative for Community Advancement (ICA) collaborated to host a one-day Data and Digital Literacy workshop on 18 March 2022 in Piketberg at Dunns Castle. The workshop aimed to equip 21 youths with skills and knowledge to enhance their data and digital literacy. Adrian Kearns, Project Manager, and Damian Pool, Project Coordinator at OpenUp, were set to facilitate the day's program using mobile devices. Prior to the workshop, participants were briefed on the specifications required for their cellphone to ensure their ability to access the training platforms to be used on the day.


March 18, 2022


9AM - 4PM


Dunn's Castle Guest House
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In collaboration with Initiative for Community Advancement (ICA), OpenUp hosted a one day Data and Digital Literacy workshop in Piketberg, at Dunns Castle. A total of 21 youth attended this workshop on 18 March 2022. Facilitated by Adrian Kearns (Project Manager at OpenUp) and Damian Pool (Project Coordinator at OpenUp), the two set out to implement the day's programme using mobile devices. Participants were briefed before the day of the workshop of the specifications required of their cellphone to ensure their ability to access the platforms to be used for training on the day.

The workshop was implemented, with participants using their smartphones. No computers or tablets were used. This is a first for the programme, project and potentially the organisation. 

Why this an important outcome to note in this report, is given the reality that 77% of young people in Bergrivier do not have access to internet and very few own computers or laptops in their homes. Approximately 12% of youth use their cellphone to access the internet, and 42% of population use their cellphone to access the internet, making sure the workshop can be presented in a manner that the tools are accessible and usable on a cellphone becomes increasingly important. 

The youth who attended the workshop are keen to further their data and digital skills. Beyond this, the relationship between OpenUp and ICA continues to strengthen citizen engagement in Bergrivier. Youth constitutes just over a third of South Africa’s population (39%), while in Bergrivier this number is quite similar at 34%, 5% less. Through the Citizen Engagement Programme, OpenUp will continue to engage youth in Bergrivier in areas of capacity building as well as access to data to formulate more constructive inputs in public participation processes.

To access the workshop report click here

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Key outcomes

  • Implemented mobile-based data and digital literacy workshop for 21 youth.
  • Workshop provided accessible tools for youth with limited internet access.
  • Youth participants showed interest in further developing data and digital skills

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