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OpenUp in partnership with Umgeni Local Municipality, GeeKulcha and HSRC is launching CodeBridge Youth!

#Inform #Empower #Activate

OpenUp is excited to announce the launch of CodeBridge Youth in a KZN located municipality, funded by Luminate. CodeBridge Youth is a programme created by OpenUp in response to strengthen public participation between Citizens and Local Government.

The event aims to gather 40 participants from Howick aged between 14-35. CodeBridge Youth is an educational programme about the IDP process and the effective use of Intergovernmental Structures to enable the Youth to #UNMUTE_their_VOICE through expressing their needs using civic technology and existing structures. This serves to enable Youth to be empowered to learn in safe spaces amongst peers, and to acquire key skills to practice data driven, digital citizenship.

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Event Programme

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Day 1

Survey 1 - at START of event

What is Codebridge Youth?

Day 2

Easter Egg Hunt Presentation

Survey 2 - at END of event


September 14, 2020
Sep 15, 2020


2PM - 5PM (Monday), 9AM - 5PM (Tuesday)


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